About silk I paint on

Let’s dive into my silky world of painting! Frankly speaking not many artists are choosing silk as Canva to paint on. And in this article I will not explain in details why I choose silk for my Artworks, better write a new story about it later.

So, Pure silk! As you know there are a lot of types of Silk. Silk is used in creating luxury garments and furniture, curtains and …… and Artwork.

First of all: In creating my Silky Art I use only 100% pure silk as I tell everywhere. All types I use are mostly white, it makes my life easier and I can color the background I like in any color.

The main type I use is Taffeta

I choose it mainly as it is lightweight fabric, but quit thick and has very cute shine. This shine, shows more details of my paintings. It is also easy to be treated and keeps the shape of ready Artwork without being mounted. 

Another type is Satin

This type I take particularly when I need even more shine. It helps me to painting artwork even more hyper realistic and look luxury after being framed. Only discomfort, Satin is quite flowly type and needs to be mounted like this artwork.

For small artworks I use Habotai type. 

It is very special, very thin silk which I always mount at the end of my process. The brilliance of this type is that it is quite transparent silk and when I mount the artwork I can change she grade color of the back ground without painting it and only by placing different color paper under it.

Well, I can talk about silk forever, and in order not to bore you and not overload you with information, I will continue in my next article. Follow the updates in my INSTAGRAM account.

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