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Hi, My name is Dr. Olga Belova. I am Silk Artist and the founder of this page Sono Seta. 

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My space for showing you the beauty of the nature painted on fantastic fabric - Pure Silk.

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SONO SETA, a global brand, is celebrated for its unique Silk paintings, including garments and wall arts. Dr. Olga Belova meticulously designs and hand-paints each piece, utilizing a distinctive technique honed over 25 years of experimenting with various processes on silk. Specializing in hyper-realistic wildlife portraits, her attention to detail is evident in every piece. The 'paint-on' method involves layering specific silk paints directly onto pure silk, ensuring color integrity. Color-fixing follows, preserving vibrancy for years.


Each artwork is one-of-a-kind, spanning hand-painted silk garments, freehand silk paintings, and realistic animal portraits on silk. The collection also features wall art and hanging feline portraits on silk, adding a unique touch. Over 300 of Dr. Belova's works reside in private collections globally, including Russia, the USA, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, and Egypt


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