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Hello! I am D.Sc Olga Belova. I am Silk Artist and the founder of Sono Seta Brand (which means "I am Silk" in Italian language). I love silk and nature with all my heart, I don't even know which one I love more, so I combined them together and paint wild life on pure silk.


We are all coming from nature, but live in a world that long ago had been separated from it, so by painting wildlife on pure silk, I wish to draw people's attention to the impoverishment of animals and birds, flora and fauna species.

At the very beginning, it was just a dream, to learn how to paint silk using the Japanese technique, but after working with this unique fabric, I realized that only pure silk, so warm and pleasant to the touch, can convey the beauty of nature itself. In the beginning of my Silk Painting journey I used Japanese no-flow technique, but with age experience and many trials of other techniques of painting on silk, I developed my own Author's technique. After being painted in all my wall hangings Silk doesn’t lose its elasticity and remain very pleasant to the touch. I can surely say that all of my paintings are “touching”.


For me, the smallest details are important, so I always devote a lot of time to them, trying to touch up every line carefully & transfer their beauty. The most incredible thing about my wall hangings is how alive each painted animal feels when you experience the silk painting in person, unfortunately no photo can truly express just how tangible each painting is.


As every living creature in the world has its own character, so do my paintings. When I begin this or that painting, I do not even know what character it will acquire. Natural silk is a magical fabric and it helps my paintings to have their own personality. Probably because, as a child, I still adore fairy tales with a good ending, that's why all my paintings have a kind and light character.


​When you look on my paintings I want it to be your world for the moment.


As in nature there are no exact copies of animals, so I do not create two identical paintings. Each painting is unique in its own way, after finishing wall hanging I always destroy the sketch of it. Very often I receive orders for repetitions of this or that work, but it is impossible with all my desire.

I really do not like to talk, I prefer to paint and say all my thoughts through the beauty of pure silk and my paintings in general. My paintings are in the possession of collectors in over 18 countries, which makes me very happy. I am glad that my work is in demand.


Will be happy to see you more often on my Instagram. In my blog, I am not only showing the process of my painting and photos of finished artworks, but also share silk paintings and other garments care tips and instructions, as well as tell the myth and history of this beautiful fabric. Promise, there you will find recent paintings and lots of interesting information 

Love what you do!

There are million things in life to do, there are million of hobbies to start, we are all different, but I believe we are all targeting same thing - HAPPINESS.

From my side, I can assure you: LOVE WHAT YOU DO and do all with love and you will be happy as never.

LOVE & HAPPINESS for everyone

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