Colors I use for my Silk Art

Silk painting is such a joyous and expressive art form for me. It lets me create these beautiful, lifelike portraits of wildlife on such delicate silk fabric. I absolutely adore using Pebeo Seta Silk Colors—they offer such a vibrant range of colors that really bring my artistic ideas to life. on second and third place it is Javana and Marabu. This is all about ready colors, which are sold in shops. 


From the days of my Japan studies I use a lot of Silk Pigments. .... Will write a separate article about it.

You know, unlike many silk painters who use gutta to outline their designs, I prefer to paint freehand. It feels so freeing and spontaneous. But let me tell you, it's not without its challenges! Because the colors are so fluid, they tend to spread once they touch the silk, making it tricky to get those perfect lines. I have to be super careful with every brushstroke to avoid any mishaps.

Despite the challenges, I'm really proud of the results of all my experimenting over the years. Through my detailed artwork, I just want to share the beauty of the world with everyone. My silk paintings aren't just art—they're like little windows into a world where colors dance on silk, telling stories that warm the heart. And I love seeing them as wall art on silk, hanging proudly, especially my feline portraits on silk.

Well, I can talk about my Silk Art forever. Come to my INSTAGRAM account.  I will be happy to see you there and for sure you will read a lot of new information about my Art there

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