My not the first, but very serious acquaintance with silk took place in Japan 23 years ago, when I went there to learn Silk Painting. Of course, like all of us, all my life I have come across this type of fabric, but I never could have imagined that it has so many secrets. This amazing fabric, in addition to its hypoallergenic properties, to warm in the cold and cool the human body in the heat, contains another important quality - its energy. In my opinion, this is still a little studied, but incredibly rich quality.


We know for sure that natural fabrics have a special energy. They are able to protect a person from various troubles and misfortunes. But each fabric performs its own energy role. I will not talk about other fabrics, because my main interest is silk!

So what is the secret of silk?

This is the most amazing material that only exists on the planet. It was repeatedly recognized as the king of fabrics. The fabric contains real magic, because it makes a person show all his best sides. The energy of silk does not only interfere with the natural energy of a person, but rather helps to preserve his natural biofield. Therefore, since ancient times, clothes, amulets and interior items have been made from pure silk. Silk also has an unusual protective property to accumulate positive energy. That is why it was very expensive to have silk wall art (painting or stitching) in the house in old times. Such a wall hanging protected the house from the evil eye, collected positive and neutralized negative energy to create complete harmony and comfort in the family.

Of course, the subject of the hanging is still very important, but I will talk about it and the beneficial properties of silk in my other articles.

Natural Silk helps a person to maintain an internal energy balance and it is especially recommended to have a silk picture around for those who deal with people and with stressful situations on daily basis, as in ancient times they were rulers and healers, and in the modern world - businessmen.


Well, I can talk about silk forever, and in order not to bore you and not overload you with information, I will continue in my next article. Follow the updates in my INSTAGRAM account.

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