Silk Soap

Silk is truly unique natural fabric. This is "gold mine", the nature infinitely awarded us with it. Durable and lightweight, refreshing in the heat and warms the cool. Silk is one of the few completely hypoallergenic fabrics on earth! This gentle material captured the hearts of many people for its exquisite tints and refined brilliance. Pictures are painted on; unique embroidery are created; used in the creation of clothes, shoes and accessories collections. With its help create medications, it is used in the manufacture of new-tech "green" batteries and scientists still continue to investigate this gift of nature. It seems we could continue endless, but we will stop.Today we introduce you to the premium soap. Yes, made ​​from natural silk and suites exquisite soap!

This type of soap is brewed by hand to preserve all its healing properties. It rejuvenates and smoothies the skin, giving it shines and nourishes with the rare minerals and proteins. This is because of the amazing properties of silk thread. It is a fibrous protein consisting of 75 % 25 % fibroin and sericin.


There are waxes, fats, nutrients and rare minerals present silk thread. These materials are difficult to obtain from any other material. In silk they are gathered together and thereby giving us a chance to touch the unique natural healing cosmetics. All this allows to create soaps with unique qualities: rich silk proteins and amino acids, it is particularly smooth, has an extremely delicate tactile qualities when used, has a positive effect on the skin and hair and as it combines the beneficial properties of silk with excellent conditioning and anti-aging effects.

However in our time you can easily buy a fake. "Silk soap" is made by people whose hobby is soap-making which is so fashionable today. So the argument goes that just add dissolved in alkali silk thread or purchase already "ready" silk proteins, such as "liquid silk", to the produced soap. It is not important how much and what quality of ingredients soap-maker brews the soap, which can be a potential hazard to your health! Especially if people used this soap are prone to allergies. The fact that silk threads dissolved in alkali, as can be guessed, may lose much of its beneficial properties. To talk about the benefits of derived ingredients is very difficult because such procedures are carried out in compliance with the conditions without observing any process.In general it is not possible to know how "Liquid silk" is done and if it is produced from natural silk or not. Therefore use only proven-in manufacturer products which you trust. If it is single soap-maker make sure that he will not deceive you and has enough skills.

Take care of your health and be irresistible and natural with Sono Seta!

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