Silk shoes

What do you imagine when you hear the word "silk"? Soft, gentle, airy and lightest fabric, refinement and sophistication. Is it possible to imagine that we are talking about shoes? It turns out to YES!

Unusual and original collection of women's shoes made from silk threads was developed and presented by designers Nicole Gaumann and Christoph John. The collection got its name in honor of Lei Zu (the wife of the Emperor of China (Huang Di)), which according to legend was discovered the existence of a silk thread and thus gave mankind this amazing and magical material.

So, how does the finest silk thread turned into a lovely female shoes from the collection of "Lei Zu?" Fot the beginning to start getting ordinary silk thread need softening silk cocoons in boiling water and then pulling a long thread. After this procedure finished silk yarn is wound so that it would form a model of the future shoe. Then little left to do: give a future shoe to dry, the glue dries in the air and allows the silk thread to keep and maintain the shape of shoe

But the shoes made out of silk are not an invention of modern times. Expensive, elegant and light, they have always attracted the attention of the royal families, heads of state, the rich and the nobles. For example a couple of silk shoes that once belonged to Sisi, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, Vienna Sisi Museum in the Imperial Palace paid at auction recently organized by the auction house Dorotheum, 75 thousand euros.

All of this suggests that the silk is a material out of time. The eras are replaced and it is still fashionable and popular material at all times.

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