"Sentinel" - Hyperrealistic tiger portrait painted on pure silk

Original silk painting artwork 
Paining size 50 x 65 cm

Free hand painting on 100% pure Silk Taffeta  
Painted with professional non-toxic silk paint.
Colors are thermally fixed, so the artwork will not run or fade, however it shouldn't be exposed to direct sun light!
The painting is sent in TUBE with Certificate of Authenticity, Special Silk Care Instructions, Thank you card!

This artwork is NOT mounted & has NO any frame
Made for framing, screening, hanging on the wall, etc.


This hyperrealistic silk-painted Tiger portrait artwork intricately captures the majestic essence of a tiger through meticulous attention to detail and a nuanced use of Silk colors. I employ a combination of vibrant silk dyes on pure silk fabric, showcasing a remarkable ability to render fur textures, shadow play, and the tiger's piercing gaze with unparalleled precision. The lifelike portrayal is achieved through a layered approach, building depth and dimensionality to create a visually striking and realistic representation of the subject. The choice of silk as a medium adds a unique luminosity and translucency, enhancing the overall richness of the artwork. This piece stands as a testament to my skill and commitment to capturing the beauty of wildlife through a hyperrealistic lens and its details­­­­.

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