Glimmering gaze – Hyper realistic tiger portrait painted on pure silk

Original silk painting artwork 
Paining size 52 x 65 cm

Free hand painting on 100% pure Silk Taffeta  
Painted with professional non-toxic silk paint.
Colors are thermally fixed, so the artwork will not run or fade, however it shouldn't be exposed to direct sun light!
The painting is sent in TUBE with Certificate of Authenticity, Special Silk Care Instructions, Thank you card!

This artwork is NOT mounted & has NO any frame
Made for framing, screening, hanging on the wall, etc.


In this hyperrealistic painting on pure silk, a magnificent tiger is captured in exquisite detail. The silk canvas, with its natural sheen, accentuates the lifelike quality of the tiger's eyes, which gleam with a mesmerizing depth and clarity. The tiger, portrayed with painstaking precision, exudes a sense of calm curiosity, its powerful yet relaxed posture suggesting a quiet moment of contemplation. Every stripe and whisker is meticulously rendered, enhancing the realism and evoking the tactile sensation of its fur. The interplay of light on the silk fabric adds a dynamic dimension, making the tiger appear almost three-dimensional and remarkably lifelike.
The artwork has not mounting, nor frame and send in tube
Hi! My name is Olga. I am a silk artist with many years of experience. My paintings have been bought into private collections in 18 countries around the world.
Visit my Instagram SonoSeta to know more about me and my Silk Art!


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